ProPALS Recertification Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “This was the best site for me to get my recertification. Definitely helpful and hit the most important topics and examples for me instead of all the extra stuff.”

    ~ Callie from Louisiana
  • “The course was well presented and explanations for wrong answers were concisely stated”

    ~ Ahmed, Nursing from Texas
  • “Very user friendly, questions are challenging enough”

    ~ Joseph, Doctor (DO/MD)
  • “Fun, informative course!”

    ~ Julia from Arizona
  • “Good course with sound fundamentals!”

    ~ Joe, Physician from Texas
  • “difficult at first then once going easy”

    ~ Alice from California
  • “Excellent review and course for those who have taken at least a couple of full classroom courses in PALS.”

    ~ Michael, Nursing from Montana
  • “Excellent recert”

    ~ Leon, CRNA from Utah
  • “I really enjoy taking courses with Protrainings. The courses are amazing.”

    ~ Deborah, Registered Nurse, Licensed practical Nurse from Georgia
  • “Great Learning tools that prepare you for the clinical scenarios as well as the final exam. ”

    ~ Dane, Doctor (DO/MD) from Texas
  • “Great course. Well presented. Great instructor.”

    ~ Linda, Other from Arizona
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable and the course cases were challenging. Providing appropriate PALs instruction and explanation of the process in resuscitation.”

    ~ Pamela, Physician from Arizona
  • “Great ”

    ~ Mai from Georgia
  • “good course”

    ~ William from New Mexico
  • “I am surprised by how rigorously my knowledge was tested”

    ~ Amy, Other from Washington
  • “a very good review of PALS”

    ~ Raymond, CRNA from Washington
  • “I am able to replay the videos and redo questions.”

    ~ Judith from New Jersey
  • “this is a good online course to fully refresh your PALS knowledge”

    ~ Thomas, Physician from North Carolina
  • “Excellent presentation ”

    ~ Adrian from New York
  • “Excellent for review and recertification”

    ~ Austin, Other from Nevada
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “good learning program ”

    ~ Nancy, about 19 hours ago
  • “This class was long but worth it. I learned information I never had before in PALS. Was excellent. ”

    ~ Terri, 3 days ago
  • “Very informative, outstanding teaching, fits my schedule.”

    ~ Elizabeth, 4 days ago
  • “I have been using Pro Trainings for many recerts. BLS, ACLS and PALS. The courses are very user friendly and thorough. Take the course at your own pace. Great for a working professional. Videos are great and take you thru each case clearly and concisely. Thank you ProTraining.”

    ~ Diane, 7 days ago
  • “Scenarios and real life and the repetitive nature seems conducive for learning.”

    ~ Cynthia, 24 days ago
  • “LOVED IT”

    ~ Shelly, about 1 month ago
  • “Convenient option to obtain recertification”

    ~ Angela, about 1 month ago
  • “good well presented”

    ~ Patricia, about 1 month ago
  • “I really liked how you presented the information”

    ~ Kristin, about 1 month ago
  • “Excellent video quality and content. Up to date training with realistic scenarios”

    ~ Crystal B., about 1 month ago

    ~ Joseph, about 1 month ago
  • “I'm med surg nurse need at my job don't work in person or icu was very informative”

    ~ Laura, about 2 months ago
  • “The Course was very informative and educational, passed the test easy after watching all the videos and doing the scenarios ”

    ~ Gregory, about 2 months ago
  • “Great review without the hassle and stress of taking PALS in a classroom all day long.”

    ~ Jeff, 2 months ago
  • “The scenarios was excellent as they re-inforced the practices and principles of PALS.”

    ~ Lenora, 3 months ago
  • “Excellent training and videos ”

    ~ Maria Reveca, 3 months ago
  • “The format in which the information was presented worked well with my way of learning. This is by far one of the best, online courses I have ever taken. The information, visuals, and repeative delivery really reinforced the information. I believe that I got more out of this course than all of the courses I took in person. Having the opportunity to pace the class was also helpful. I will continue to do my training throught this sight. Thank you ”

    ~ Heather, 4 months ago
  • “was looking for the quicker version. glad I found yours. ”

    ~ bertrand, 4 months ago
  • “informative”

    ~ Stefani, 4 months ago
  • “Stress-free pals training for any skill level in easily digestible content. Highly recommend! ”

    ~ Alanna, 5 months ago